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Twilight and the Beanstalk Chapter 5: The Giant.

The girls and Spike had enough time to scramble into the oven when the door burst open and a massive tiger giant enter the room as he sang:

"Fe fi fo fum.  He hi ho hum.  I'm a most amazing guy.  A most amazing guy am I!  Fe fi fo fum.  He hi ho hum.  Here's what I am telling you, for here's what I can do.  I can hunt down the Buffalo.  Jump up high to the birdies!  I can disappear into atmosphere...Peekaboo!!!  Cause I know the magic wordies.  Fi fo fe foy!  Fe fe fe fe... Fe fe?  I don't know know fe fe! He said in a thick Russian accent.

As Rainbow Dash peaked through the grill of the oven she saw the giant was a large and fearsome beast and looked quite strong at that and as he came into the kitchen he carried the body of a cow over his shoulder which he placed onto the floor.

"Berk prepare my equipment i'm in the mood for some beef pie for my lunch" the giant said "wait a minute" he said as he sniffed the air "what's that i smell" he inquired as Twilight realized something. "Oh no!" "Rarity he can smell your perfume!" Twilight said and Rarity and the girls became afraid as the giant sniffed the air and Bellowed.


" sir!" said berk calmly "your mistaken it must of been that pork pie you had last night now why don't you go and scrub yourselves up and by the time you come back your cooking utensils will be ready" he said.

So off the giant went but as he was leaving Spike was about to come out of the oven and make a dash for the door when berk pushed him back in. "Hey what's the big idea" Spike said annoyed  "wait till he's asleep" said Berk with a wink "he always has a doze after his lunch" he said as the girls looked at each other with concerned looks.

Soon the giant returned and prepared his lunch and when he finished he burped very loudly sending such an awful pong through the room that Applejack thought she would faint and give the group away after the giant had finished eating his colossal lunch he went over to a large box full of bags, took out two large handfuls and sat down to count his money peeking through the oven grill Sunset caught her breath at the sight of so much gold in one bag alone contained over a thousand pounds worth!

Soon the giant's head began to nod and he dozed off to sleep the girls leaped out of the oven and headed towards the door but as they reached the table Berk stopped them has he wanted to give them something for their troubles so he climbed up one of the table legs and gave them 7 bags of gold and let them out of the castle.

As they were traveling through the wood to the beanstalk Spike kept an ear out just in case the giant followed them but he didn't and the girls made it back to the beanstalk and climbed down back home to the farm.

When the girls showed their father the gold they received from Berk he was amazed and relieved that his family was safe and Leon decided that the family can put the gold to good use they  paid off all their taxes, bought some building materials to make the farm look brand new, brought some new furniture and other knick knacks to make the farmhouse more homely and bought some new clothes and by that time only 2000 of the gold coins remained.

"Well since we are nearly down to the last of the gold what do we do?" Twilight asked "uh panic" Fluttershy said as Leon got an idea "girls when we go to the market tomorrow i want you to find a new cow with one of the bags of gold and wait for me at the farm"
"what are you going to do with the other dad?" Applejack said puzzled. "I've got a plan" Leon said as his idea maybe a long shot but it just may work.
Twilight and the Beanstalk Chapter 5: The Giant
As a Saint Patrick's Day gift for my friends i present a fan-fiction story featuring some of the cast of My Little Pony Equestria Girls re-enacting one of the most famous Fairy Tales ever told
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Twilight and the Beanstalk Chapter 4: The Mighty Beanstalk

The next morning with Leon awoke he notice that there was something strange about his room the sun didn't seem to shine from the window instead there was an eerie green glow as he got out of bed the girls followed as she because they heard a commotion outside.

"I've never seen anything like it!" Said a voice

"must of been some really good soil" said another

Confused by this the family went outside to see the whole kingdom came onto the side of the farmhouse amazed even the royal family was there "what in tar-nation are they looking at?" asked AppleJack said confused "don't know but we better find out" said Leon as they headed for the said of the farmhouse and in their surprise and shock saw on the spot where Sunset Shimmer threw the beans to the day before in their place was a magnificent Beanstalk reaching up to the clouds above so high that you could not see the top.

"Holy cow!" Leon cried "oh my celestia what is that?" Rarity said also in shock " i think those beans Sunset and Twilight got yesterday have grown into this beanstalk" Leon guessed as the girls turned to Twilight

“Gee Twilight, I thought you were just spoutin’ a lot of hooey,” said Applejack, “but I reckon, you and Sunset really did get magic beans.”

"And i'm sorry for doubting you" said Sunset "it's okay" Twilight said as she looked at the beanstalk. "Where do you think it goes" Spike said "i don't know but i know of a way to find out which is to climb it"

Soon after to girls got dressed they began to climb the beanstalk as their father watches and silently prays to God for their safety as the girls and Spike climbed they climbed and climbed higher and higher until they reached the top of the beanstalk and there from one of the branches they saw a wood with thick trees as far as the eye could see.

So carefully the girls walked across the branch and into the wood and started through the wood thinking about where to find something for it had been a long climb and they did not eat anything since the morning. Now the wood around them was nothing like they had seen everything was larger and wilder than normal and the girls hopes for finding some food seemed on the whole rather dim then the girls came upon a massive castle much larger than normal size and on the doorstep there stood a strange person for he was blue and had two large eyes he was called Berk.

"Excuse us sir" asked Fluttershy "could you spare us some food please" she said politely

"oh you poor dears come inside and i'll treat you to something" Berk said in a Cornish tone as he led them into his quarters of the castle Spike saw in a hole etched into a small set of stars was a talking skull called Boni and a spider called Drut.

"Berk are you sure it's wise to let them in" Boni said quite worried "why are we not welcome here" Rarity asked "no it's not that Berk's master is a giant and there's nothing he likes better than people like you for dinner" Boni explained "WHAT"!!! Pinkie Pie yelled out in shock.

"Don't worry he won't be back in a few hours" Berk said reassuring the group as he got out some bread and cheese and some milk and gave them to the girls and Spike but no sooner and the girls took their last bites and Spike licked up the last of the milk when they heard great footsteps thudding to the kitchen.

"Oh Gobbits" Said Berk quite panicked " it's my master quick hide in this oven" he said as he opened an oven door and the girls and Spike jumped in.
Twilight and the Beanstalk Chapter 4
As a Saint Patrick's Day gift for my friends i present a fan-fiction story featuring some of the cast of My Little Pony Equestria Girls re-enacting one of the most famous Fairy Tales ever told
Twilight and the Beanstalk Chapter 3: The Magic Beans

Soon time passed since the meeting of the farmer and the princess and market day rolled round again AppleJack and Rarity were loading goods grown on the farm into the cart while Fluttershy hitched Boxer to the cart as Spike jumped to the front with Rarity and Pinkie Pie but as the girls were ready to leave Leon called out to them. "Girls before you go i want you to take Daisy with you" he said "why Father" asked Twilight.

"Well when i took the old girl in for milking she gave nothing" Leon explained "" Fluttershy said quite worried "that's why i need you to go into town and sell her for a good price" Leon said as Twilight took Daisy by a piece of rope and tied it up to the cart and the girls set off.

Soon the girls arrived at the royal market and after they set up the stall Twilight and Sunset went off with Daisy hoping to find a buyer for her but everywhere they went they just could not find someone would would by her but however that afternoon as everyone was leaving the market they meet a man with black hair wearing an orange waistcoat and blue trousers who offered to buy the cow.

"Why not give her to me me miss Sunset and miss Twilight and i Fredrick Flinstone will help change your life for the better" he said pulling a straw-string bag from his waistcoat pocket and gave it to Sunset Shimmer who was surprised that this man knew their names but as she opened to bag it only contained five beans!

"Your having a laugh!" She said annoyed "Five beans for a cow" "these beans are not enough for a meal" added Twilight. "Ah that's where you are wrong for these are not ordinary beans they are magic beans" Fredrick explained "if you were to say plant these beans say this afternoon when you get home by the morning tomorrow they would have reached up to the heavens above" he said pointing to the sky Twilight thought on this and deiced to exchange Daisy for the beans much to Sunset's annoyance when they arrived back the stall Rainbow Dash asked them how much they had got for the cow.

"Well we got five beans for her" Sunset said still annoyed at Twilight and the girls tried to hold in their laughter "but their magic beans" Twilight said as Rainbow Dash managed to get it together. "yeah i'm sure that is not the reason" she said as Twilight looked confused as the packed up for home.

When the got home Sunset and Twilight explained about the days events and their meeting with Fredrick Flinstone who gave them the magic beans Leon sadly explained to the two sisters that they had been tricked. "Father please i'm sorry that we messed up" Twilight said "it's okay i forgive you" said Leon as Sunset took the beans from the table and threw them out of the window into the field next to the house.

That night after supper everyone kissed Leon goodnight and went to bed but Twilight couldn't get to sleep since she could not stop thinking about what Fredrick said "Twilight i understand you messed up but it's not that bad" Spike said to her as Sunset got into her bed. "Yeah tomorrow we will go to the market find that guy and ask for Daisy back" Sunset said as she went to sleep as Twilight and Spike did the same.

But outside the moon shone over the spot where the beans fell and something really strange started to happen as the beans took root.......
Twilight and the Beanstalk Chapter 3
As a Saint Patrick's Day gift for my friends i present a fan-fiction story featuring some of the cast of My Little Pony Equestria Girls re-enacting one of the most famous Fairy Tales ever told
Twilight and the Beanstalk: Chapter 2 The Royal Market

The Next day, Leon and the girls went to the city to sell their good they grew on the farm at the royal market.  They brought with them large bags of freshly grown crops ready to be exchanged they loaded the bags onto a cart and was pulled by the family horse Boxer.  Upon entering the city, they saw what they would see with each visit: The rich looking at the different bargains the stall owners helping buyers with their goods they bought and all in the name of the city’s ruler King Lyon.

The family set up their stall as two of the royal guards came over and gave them a helping hand one of them being a guard called Daniel Bryanstone while the other was Johnathon Cenarius the captain of the Guards.

"There you go need anymore help?" Asked Johnathon "no thank you we're okay" said Twilight politely as the two guards left meanwhile at the Palace King Lyon was getting ready to go to the market to see how is subjects were doing accompanying him was Sir Tristram Harrison and Lady Sara Marion, Sir Benjamin the king's adviser and King Lyon's Beautiful daughter Aurorarose.

But as they were heading to the market by the royal coach Aurorarose was puzzled by something. "Father isn't it a bit to far to ask for three members of the royal court to come with us to the market?" Aurora asked. "Of all the men that had come to ask for you hand none had found favor in my eyes if there is a Suitable suitor out in the kingdom for you Aurora you will be under the watchful eye of the Guardians" Lyon explained.

"I see but even so if i do wish to marry i want it to be for love" Aurora said and Lyon smiled at his daughter "do not worry my daughter there will be someone for you" Lyon said to his worgen Daughter as the coach approached the market.

Meanwhile back in the market Leon ad the girls made quite a profit from the goods they had soon as they were having lunch an arrogant step-mother named Lady Tremaine knowingly took one of the apples on the stall without paying for it seeing this Rainbow Dash went up to her.

"Excuse me but you need to pay for that" she said quite sternly. "I have now idea of what you are taking about Lady Tremaine said pretending not to know but Rainbow Dash was not buying it. "This apple you stole here in your hand" Rainbow Dash said crossly grabbing Lady Tremaine's hand showing her the apple which made the step-mother angry.

“Let go of me, you filthy wretch!” yelled Lady Tremaine as she raises her other hand, about to strike Rainbow Dash, but Leon steps in front of her, grabbing the hand.

“Hey, if I was rich as you, I'd afford some manners!”, Leon growled as he let go of Lady Tremaine's hand as the Step-mother was not at all happy about it. “How dare you! I'll teach you some manners you worthless farmer!”, she snapped as with one strong slap, she sends Leon into a mud puddle upon hearing the commotion Captain Johnathon and Daniel Bryanstone heard over see what was going on.

"What's going on here?" Johnathon asked, Rainbow Dash explained what happened as Sunset and Rarity help their father to his feet Johnathon commanded Lady Tremaine to pay for what she took not to get on the guard's bad side she reluctantly paid the gold pieces for the apple and sent her on her way just as the king came over.

"Is everything alright here Captain?" Lyon asked "yes sir a little incident but we got it under control" Said Daniel as the Princess seeing the mark of Leon's face came over "Oh dear are you alright?" she asked "yes i'm fine a little bit sore bit the swelling will go down" the farmer said "here let me wipe that mud off you" as Aurora took out her handkerchief Leon opened his eyes and was stunned by her kindness and beauty even when she went with her father she was still stunned but come out of it when Pinkie Pie snapped her fingers in his face.

Later on that evening when the family had returned home Leon placed his dirty clothes in the washtub to be washed tomorrow and the family sat down for dinner even so he was silent when they were eating and that night as the family went to bed Leon looked out the window of his room towards the castle when though it was hopeless for how can a farmer marry a princess as he blew out his candle and went to sleep.
Twilight and the Beanstalk: Chapter 2
As a Saint Patrick's Day gift for my friends i present a fan-fiction story featuring some of the cast of My Little Pony Equestria Girls re-enacting one of the most famous Fairy Tales ever told
hey all Leo here with some news today i went saw disney's Big hero 6 and i loved it! It was like disney's on version of the avengers the characters were brilliant some moments were funny and it also teaches us that even though sometimes that a member of our family is gone they will still live on, if Disney's "Into the woods was not your cap of tea then this is the film for you and good luck to Hiro and his team in the oscars soon and also good luck to Hiccup and his team may one of you bring home the gold
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