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That afternoon the group made it back to the human section. Leo and Benny were explaining about the attack Anubis planned for the ark when to everyone's shock Dagnino fell to his knees and held his head in pain as his symbol started to glow.

"Dagnino?! What is it?" Teresa said as she looked worried.
Suddenly Dagnino's symbol stopped glowing as he open his eyes in shock
"It was him!" he said.
"what are you talking about, Dag?" Xiro asked.
"It was Anubis. He has Athena's soul in the pyramid. He has and your parents, Xiro, and the followers of God. All of them are in the pyramid that Anubis has!"
Just then, Kairel glanced out the window.

"Kairel?" Leo asked.
As with Kariel, they saw a massive storm cloud forming on the horizon.
"What's happening?" Rae asked worried.
A massive lightning bolt flashed in the distance of the ark, followed by a massive boom of thunder which shook the vessel. AS Leo, Benny, Johnny and Rae headed to the window, they saw Anubis with the pyramid in his hand. He was conquering the storm and his army of demons assaulting the ark!

"Oh crud" Leo said in fear .
“ It's going to be alright,” Xiro said to everyone. “We’re a team now and together we’ll face Anubis and survive! "
“You got that right!" said, Leo. “Rae, we’ll need our battle armor”
“Coming right up,” Rae said as she took out her Magic Moon Wand.
Waving the wand about, Rae magically conjured golden armor on Leo, Benny and Johnny. She waved her wand a second time and made new battle armor for the other animals as well as Noah and his family. Finally, she tapped the wand on her head, and her regular closed turned into a Sailor-moon style enchantress garbs.
"Let's go everyone," Noah said.
Outside, rain began to fall again as the other animals of the ark made their way to the poop deck and clashed with the demons. Anubis stood by and watched.

"Whatever comes, keep attacking the tower,” he ordered to the demons. “We need to draw the gem keepers out!"
"For the Ark!" Patricio called as the birds flew from the five towers for an aerial strike towards the flying demons.
Lighting flashed and thunder crashed. Some of demons ended up disintegrated into smoke and dust particles.
"Ready the traps!" Anubis commanded.
Demon warlocks casted trap spells and trapped various animals, but then suddenly one of the demons got hit as Benny, Leo, Johnny and Rae and the others arrived on the scene.

"Surprise!" Johnny called.
"What?" he shouted angrily.
Noah and his family helped to fight the demons and free the trapped animals from the spell.
"You and your family really are full of surprises, Noah," Rae said as she joined them. "You guys take the left. We got the right."
“Let's go!" the four friends chanted as the two groups faced the demons and attacked them, giving it their all.

"Cut them down!" Anubis ordered.
One of the larger demon grabbed Teresa and threw her overboard.
"Teresa!" Benny cried out as Teresa fell.
Something grabbed her, and she looked up and saw Dagnino holding her.
“I guess we’re even now, Daggy," Teresa said in a thankful tone.
"For you my lady anything" Dagnino said like a true gentlemen.
He pulled back onto the Ark and continued their advance toward Anubis with Rae's group. The young lioness sliced through the demon army with her scepter as Noah and his family helped her anyway they could. Soon the two groups joined together as they faced the evil sorcerer.

"I've waited a long time for this" Anubis said.
"The gems of heaven have chosen us, Anubis!" Kairel said angrily. “You’ll never get your evil hands on them now.”
The sorcerer just smiled at them with an evil grin and replied, "Well it's a good thing I brought a couple of challengers."
Anubis held up the pyramid in his hand he let out three loud roars. The demon bear and Wolfbane stood by their master as a massive portal leading to the burning hells opened and through it came three giant sphinxes.

"What the heck are those things?!?" Johnny said in shock.
"Those are clash types Class 10!" Leo cried out as the Sphinxes thundered to their master
"And I'm only just warming up. Behold true power!" Anubis roared as black magic from the pyramid and consumed him, transforming him into a giant monstrous jackal with spikes on his neck and wings from his back.

"Oh Crud!" the group said as the true test for mankind was beginning.......
Two by Two part 10
The tenth chapter in the second  episode of the new adventure series starring me and my friends.  This time our adventure takes us back 5,000 years to the legendary Noah's Ark where we will meet new friends, solve an ancient mystery and stop a madman who plots to wipe out all of creation.
Sleeping Worgen part 8: The spell of Sleep

Back at the throne room, King Genn and Queen Mia sat on the throne, preparing to see their daughter for the first time in 16 years. King Samson takes a deep breath and approached the side of Genn's chair to tell him about Leo.

"Genn, Jaina there's something important I have to tell you," said Samson. "Not now, Dear," said Queen Jaina. "But Jaina it's about Leo!" said Samson.

"Oh yes, of course. Well, where is the boy?" Genn asked. "That's what I've been trying to tell you Genn he's..," Samson replied.

"Well send for him immediately!" Genn ordered, "and tell the guards to look for Valka, Stoick and Gobber as well" But Genn".. Samson started untill Genn hushed him when he heard the horns playing.

"The sun has set! Get ready to welcome your princess!" An alligator named Louis  called. The people cheered as the fireworks boomed into the sky, getting ready to meet the princess. At the tall tower of the castle, the alicorns had just placed Aurorarose on the bed, holding the rose. They're still upset that they failed to prevent the spell. It was their task to make sure Aurorarose is safe until the time has come, but now The Destoryer's curse had worked.

Celestia straightens up the blanket as she shed a few tears from her failure. Cadence placed the rose on Aurorarose as she wiped the tears from her cloth. Luna stood there, even though brave Alicorns like her don't cry, she still shed tears, failing to protect Aurorarose. Celestia broke down walking away as Luna and Cadence watched her. Celestia walked outside of the tower as the celebration continues, while Cadence and Luna walked next to her.

"Poor King Genn and Queen Mia," said Celestia. "They'll be heartbroken when they find out," Cadence added. Luna looked up, calming down a little, "They're not going to."

"They aren't?" Celestia asked.

"I''ll put them all to sleep until Thorn wakens," said Luna, closing the curtains, "Come." Cadence and Celestia flew off, as Luna using her powers of the moon to cast a spell on the people, animals, heroes and more. As the alicorn of the moon casted the spell; the people began to fall asleep. Luna casted her spell on the guards.

Sleeping Worgen fair
The wolf is your true form

Vitaly felt tired and drifted off to sleep as Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria, Leonette, Zuba, Florrie, Stefano, and Gia fell asleep from the dust. Bruma continued her work as Xiro, Simba and Kovu fell asleep.

beauty that shame the red, red rose

Dreaming of true love in slumber repose

The other people from outside drifted off to sleep. As soon as she was finished  she flew inside the courtyard, Luna cast the sleeping spell on everyone, who is falling asleep. Luna flew back outside to the gardens and she cast the spell on the water fountain, shutting it off  three villagers named Benny, Johnny and Rae yawned and fell asleep due to the spell.

One day he will come

Riding over the dawn

When you awaken to love's first kiss

Till then, Sleeping Worgen, sleep on

Meanwhille inside the palace Cadence used her on the candles as they faded out. Luna was making final checks and gasped when she saw Wolfgang, still wake acting fast she placed the last amount of the spell on him and Wolfgang fell back to sleep.

One day you'll awaken to love's first kiss

Till then, Sleeping Worgen, sleep on

At the throne, Celestia was blowing out the last candles as her sister's spell was working  on King Genn,  Queen Mia, King Samson and Queen Jaina. Samson yawned before he fell asleep, "Well…just been talking to Leo…seems he's falling in love with some…peasant girl…"

"Peasant girl?!" Celestia gasped and flew back to Samson, "Yes? Yes? The peasant girl, who is she? Where did he meet her?" Celestia said using her magic to try and keep Samson awake.

"Just some peasant girl…" Samson replied.

"Where, where?" Celestia asked now getting worried.

"Once upon…a dream…" Samson said as he went to sleep.

"Once upon a dream?" Celestia said puzzled but then she remembered something…"Thorn!"…"Prince Leo!," Celestia realized in shock that Aurora and Leo met before back in the Hinterlands. Celestia flew up to join Luna and Cadence, "Come on, we've got to get back to the cottage!" With that Luna and Cadence followed her, flying back to the cottage, where they raised Aurorarose for 16 years. They now know that Leo is going to the cottage to meet her, or so he thought.

Meanwhille back at The Hinterlands, Leo rode on Lionheart, whistling the song he and Aurorarose sang when they met before. He's heading to the cottage to meet the girl that he was in love with when arrived at the cottage Leo hopped off of Lionheart and walked towards the door, getting ready to meet her, again. He smiled at Lionheart, who nodded back. taking a deep breath Leo knocked on the door.

“Come in” said an unknown woman. Leo  then opens the door and enters. But when he did, the cottage was absolutely dark. Not a single candle was even lit. He wonders where the girl or her parents are, when he suddenly heard a roar. He looks out the door and sees Hiccup and the other Dragon riders approaching him.

“Leo! Wait!” Astrid called as she, Hiccup and the dragon riders get off their dragons and run inside the cottage to tell Leo.

“Hiccup? What are you and the other doing here?” asked Leo.

“We need to get out of here! I think it's a…” said Hiccup, but he was suddenly interrupted when they heard the door slam shut. Then out from the darkness, caught-off guard, Deathwing’s soldiers leaped on them and they were caught in a struggle. They tried to fight their way out of it, but there are too many of them to handle. The Dragon riders can even hear their dragons roaring outside being roped by the soldiers. Deathwing stands nearby, smiling evilly with deep satisfaction. As soon as it all began, Leo, Hiccup, and the others couldn't fight off all them and they were completely tied up. Deathwing and Diablo then approaches Leo and Hiccup and lights their faces with a candle.

“Well, this is a pleasant surprise. I set my trap for a peasant, and lo! I catch the son of my brother, his friends and their dragons!” said Deathwing. Then he laughs and turns to his solders.

“Away with them. But gently, my servants, I have plans for our guests” said Deathwing. Then two of the soldiers named Drago Bludvist and Shan yu pulled and dragged Leo and the others out the door and towards Deathwing’s lair.

Meanwhile, unknown to ether the Alicorns or Deathwing Stoick, Valka and Gobber were flying other the Arathi Highlands hopefully to find Hiccup and the other dragon riders even though Gobber was talking about how Stoick was back when he was Hiccup's age Stoick and Valka were still worried for their son for a good reason.

"If Hiccup finds Deathwing before we find him it will be the doom of our world" Stoick said as Thornado agreed by letting out a low grumble. "Eh nothing will happen to those kids as long as their dragons are with them i mean they are dragons aren't they" Gobber said then Valka said the Alicorns flying off to the Hinterlands knowing something was wrong Stoick, Thornado Valka and Cloudjumper followed them along with Gobber and Grump.

As the group flew to the cottage Celestia explained what happened back in Lorderon as the flew, hopefully it wasn't too late. Soon they arrived at  the cottage, The alicorns were first to enter as Stoick, Valka and Gobber followed. Suddenly, the alicorns gasped, when they saw Leo's hat and Hiccup's helmet.

"Deathwing!" The Alicorns said in shock.

"He's got Prince Leo and the others!" Luna exclaimed.

Celestia gulped as she knew where Deathwing took them, "At the Bastion of Twilight in the Twilight Highlands."

Cadence gasped, "But Celestia…we can't go there!"

"We can and for the sake of Lorderon we must!" said Celestia as Stoick Nodded as he Valka, and Gobber hurried back to their dragons "To the Twilight Highlands Thornado as fast as you can" Stoick said to his dragon as the six of them with the alicorns took to the sky. It was now up to them to rescue Leo, Hiccup and the others so that Leo can kiss Aurorarose and break the spell.
Sleeping Worgen part 8
When the beautiful Princess Aurorarose is cursed by the Evil dragon aspect Deathwing. It will take the help of Her godmothers Celestia, Luna and Cadence and her true love Prince Leo and his friends Hiccup and the dragon riders.
El Arca 6 New Armour by LionheartCaptain
El Arca 6 New Armour
here's is the El arca 6 in their brand new Armour and weapons based of the hero classes of Diablo 3 they are as follows:

Xiro: Crusader

Kairel: Wizard

Teresa: Witch Doctor

Dagnino: Barbarian

Bruma: Monk

Panthy: Demon Hunter
Kane's Titanic Fanfic Trilogy
42 deviations
hey everyone i got back from seeing How To Train Your Dragon 2 and it was by far the most epic film dreamworks had ever done Kudos them them but i'm not going to give away any spoilers just in case anyone has not seen it yet so if you did not see it yet what are you waiting for?
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